Sunday, October 3, 2010


Cant Get You Out Of My Mind.
Im So Sorry For What Have I Done.
I Know You Hates Me.
Hope I Can Turn Back Time.
Hope This Never Happened.

My Life Turn Into Darkness.
I've Lost My Happiness.
Since The Day That I've Lost You.
My Heart Broken Into Pieces.
No Hope Left.

I Sacrificed My Love.
So You Can Stay Happy There.
With The One That You Love The Most.
Eventhough Its Tearing Me Apart.
I Try To Be Strong.

Im Just Hoping.
We Can Be Like Before.
The Moment That We've Shared Together, Virtually.
The Moment That I Could Never Forget.
Please Be My Friend.
That's The Only Reason I Could Smile.

I Miss You, My Special Friend.

"..Sacrificing Your Happiness For The Happiness Of Someone You Love, Is By Far, The Truest Type Of Love.."

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